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We are aware of our social responsibilities …

As Grand Office, we believe that in addition to the responsibilities of the people from the aspects of the development and sustainability of the level of community welfare, the bigger companies are also falling.

We can list the stakeholders in this point as being efficient and profitable, respecting the laws, acting in accordance with the norms of the society, and contributing to the voluntary solution of social problems.

The Grand Office carries the awareness of the social value and the importance of the sector. It is the principle of ethical, honest and trustworthy in all its business activities for this reason.

The Grand Office is aware of its social responsibilities and is committed to serving this country, its people, its nature, its education, its science and its art, its cultural life to its social life.

With responsibility and sustainable development approach towards society, corporate social responsibility projects and invest unabated camel ongoing Grand Office, modern and developing Turkey for the most basic needs among the education of life, health, sports and being involved in various projects to create public awareness on environmental issues he is proud of.