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Grand office architects first visits your workplace to ensure that all of your office needs are met. Once you have made the necessary checks, such as area checks, size purchases, for furniture you want and need in your office, it goes to the planning stage in order to offer you the most suitable service.
Our architects are planning to build your furniture with the technical information they have received on your requests and expectations after the inspections they have done in your office. Planned is then presented to you. If approval is obtained, the next step is to go to design section.
Once all the technical information is ready, the planning phase is completed and the design phase of your furniture starts. At this point, the first steps are taken by our architects to realize the office furniture you have dreamed of. Once you have completed the designs, you will be able to review the designs with our architects as an individual. You can make changes to the designs or you can go to the buying stage if you see fit.
If the designs are approved by you, the purchase process between Grand Office Furnishings and your company begins. In this phase, cost determination, implementation steps and agreement conditions are clarified.
And finally, you come to the stage where your imaginary office furniture turns into reality. After this planning, design and procurement stages, your furniture will go into production stage. Your completed office furniture will be applied to the relevant areas in your office following the shipping procedures.